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It's all about connecting with your customers with a resonating message at the right time that causes them to take action

Imagine being able to show relative content to your target audience live and in real time at the exact moments that they would be interested. Such as:

  • A housewife shopping for dinner can be fed content starting when they would normally be in the store that would be relative to items for dinner
  • A business can welcome visitors on a daily basis in their lobbies or reception area
  • A hotel lobby can show particular areas of interest in and around the area like restaurants and attractions.

With our SSH (Scheduling, Streaming and Hosting) service, you can have hands off scheduling and real time updating of content on a ¬†basis that suits your particular needs. Don’t need daily updates, then one of our basic, bronze and silver packages¬†will be perfect for you. Need daily updates, our Gold package allows for daily updates to your board.

And new content like video, pictures, graphics and RSS feeds can be added on a quick turn around, as little as 5 minutes, to screens anywhere in the world via the web. All remotely from our offices in Jacksonville.

Best of all it’s all done for you, freeing you up to run your business.

Content Scheduling, Streaming and Hosting Overview and Comparison