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The perfect player to still play robust and compelling content but where not as much processing power is needed. At a lower cost point than our 700 Series Player!

The MCA Dyna-View Series 500 Player, the little cousin of our Series 700 player, is designed specifically to play content which does not require maximum processing power. However don’t be fooled, this is still a player powerful enough to stream up to 2 full HD videos simultaneously, as well as other content.

The 500 player also comes completely ready to use right out of the box, with your customized content already programed in our software. You still can enjoy:

  •   Multiple HD videos at the same time in different areas of the screen
  • Easy and real time updating
  • Zones available for client updating and control
  • HD output for all content
  • Multiple RSS, Image, HTML and graphic content
  • Solid State hard-drive reliability

The 500 series player is fully 4K and HTML5 ready, and can stream both types of content seamlessly.

The 500 player can handle almost any type of signage presentation, without the added expense of a higher processor that is actually overkill. And since you have a Solid State HD, it’s reliability makes it a real bargain.

And for clients who utilize our Scheduling, Streaming and Hosting services (SSH) we provide a 100% full replacement warranty for as long as you remain a customer of Dyna-View. Other clients can take advantage of our 2 year parts and labor warranty, both among the strongest in the signage industry.

Easily Mounts to any TV or Monitor

DV player mounted back of monitorThe Dyna View Series 500 player easily mounts to any TV or Monitor using the supplied Velcro -making the installation a quick and easy operation. Player also comes with a 3 ft HDMI cable that is capable of reaching even the most out of the way HDMI jack on your monitor.

The Average Installed Cost of a Dyna-View System is less than $150/mo

This includes our Series 500 Player with full replacement warranty, Initial Content Creation . Installation with a 42″ LG Commercial Grade Monitor, Remote Hosting, Scheduling and Monitoring with Unlimited Schedule and Content changes 

We offer several financing options for our clients that brings the initial payment costs down to an affordable monthly amount. This can be rolled into the cost of a monitor and installation, if that is something you will need to secure. Financing offered through Direct Capital, to apply click the button below