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Learn how our Trade Show Signage Stick is your BEST solution to play full HD content on your trade show booth monitors with Plug and Play convenience....with or without an Internet connection!

Are you using out dated DVD’s to play video or image content in your trade show booth presentations? If so, do you know there is a much better way to highlight your products or services in full HD resolution.

Introducing Dyna-Views Trade Show Stick Media Player, our solid state solution for seamless content presentations to be shown on a booth monitor. Our player and content provides many benefits over standard DVD playback, including:

  •     Playback is in full HD resolution, no black bar fill in areas on the monitor
  •     Professional editing with a multitude of backgrounds to choose from
  •     Graphics added
  •     Multiple presentations can be put on stick and you can easily choose or switch presentations from the desktop
  •     We can remotely add or edit presentations via the Internet if needed
  •     Solid State hard-drive reliability relieves worries of player breaking
  •     Attaches to any TV or Monitor with an HDMI connection

Our player is fully 4K and HTML5 ready, and can stream both types of content seamlessly.